Welding Curtain & Frame 6' x 6'

Easy-assembly, sturdy, mobile welding frames c/w 1.8m x 1.8m 6ft x 6ft PVC curtain, CE approved to BS EN ISO 25980. Available in Lo-vis Green, providing visibility of the arc and immediate vicinity, once illuminated, or Hi-vis Amber which provides good visibility of the operators activity behind the curtain. Both provide protection from UV and IR from the arc, as well as sparks and spatter from the weld. Easy to connect one frame to another to form enclosures, these welding curtain and frame sets include full assembly instructions and castors for portability. The curtain is secured tightly to the frame with nylon ties through the eyelets, both of which are included. Helps create a safer working environment by protecting those passing by. Optimised and boxed for easy shipping/storage.