Toolpak Euroflex Zirconium Flap Disc 115mm 4 1/2"

by Toolpak

High quality zirconium cloth on a sturdy, concave (bevel) profiled (T29) fibreglass backing disc. Aggressive stock removal rate, allied with long life for grinding and finishing steel and stainless steel. Very competitively priced. Shrink wrapped in quantities of 5 and boxed in quantities of 10.

  • Dia. 115mm / 22.23mm Bore / 40 Grit
  • Heavy Duty Zirconium Grit Cloth Bonded
  • Concave Profiled (T29) Fibreglass Backing Disc
  • Aggressive Stock Removal with Long Life
  • For Grinding and Finishing Steel and Stainless
  • For 115mm Angle Grinders
  • Max 13,300rpm
  • Boxed in 10