SifGun Fume Extraction Torch

The SifGun Fume Extraction Torch is an innovative MIG welding torch with integrated extraction at the nozzle of the welding torch. Therefore the extraction is close to the weld pool, so the fumes coming from the welding process are extracted immediately. As a result the user’s exposure to welding fumes is reduced by up to 95%.


Unlike other models of on-torch extraction, the SifGun fume-extraction torch features a bespoke, optimised nozzle, which balances pressures to prevent disruption of the shielding gases. You can therefore use the same shielding gas flow rates as with a standard MIG torch.


The welding torch is delivered ‘ready to use’. It only has to be connected to a welding machine and extraction unit. The SifGun Fume Extraction Torch is available in air- and water-cooled versions, both in 4 metre cable lengths.


The SidVac and ProtectoTwin mobile filters are ideal units for use with fume extraction torches



► No disruption to the shielding gas

► 95% fume reduction

► For MIG/MAG and FCAW

► Extra slide to create pressure reduction

► Comfortable switch for easy operation

► Small handle to create maximum welding comfort

► Revolving support to take pressure off the wrist

► Euro connection