ProtectoXtract Wall Twin

ProtectoXtract Wall Twin is a FDA approved wall mounted welding fume extraction system for filtration of particulate fumes, dusts and some gases. The ProtectoXtract wall unit uses a 2 stage filtration system, with replaceable filters and is quiet in operation (<72dB[A]).


The ProtectoXtract Twin is supplied with 2 x  2m, 3m or 4m suction arm, hose with internal joints, filter and provides air movement of 3500 m3/h. When used with processes that produce spatter the optional aluminium pre-filter must be used.


Compliant with DIN EN ISO 15012-1, so is suitable for category W3 stainless welding fumes (>30% Ni+Cr).  The ProtectoXtract wall twin arm unit weighs only 142kg and operates from a 415v mains input supply.



Extraction Capacity                 3500 m³/h  @ 2500pa

Filter Efficiency                        415 v > 99.99%

Motor Power                            2.2kw

Noise Level                             72 dB(A)

(nozzle installed)

Weight                                    142 kg

Dimensions                             665mm x 681mm x 940mm

IP Rating / ISO Class              IP 54 / F