ProtectoXtract is a BGIA approved mobile high-vacuum extraction system for filtration of particulate fumes, dusts and some gases. The ProtectoXtract uses a 5-stage filtration system, with replaceable filters and is quiet in operation 68dBA. The ProtectoXtract is supplied with 3m suction arm, hose with internal joints, filter and provides air movement of 2500 m3/h.


Compliant with DIN EN ISO 15012-1, so is suitable for category W3 stainless welding fumes 30 NiCr. The ProtectoXtract is a mobile unit, weighing only 80kg and is supplied on swivel casters for manoeuvrability. Options available for a 110v or 230v mains input supply. IMPORTANT - When used with processes that produce spatter and/or grinding sparks, the optional ProtectoSpark Filter (EXT978013) must be used.


Extraction Capacity                115v : 1600 m3/hr @ 1800pa  100%

                                                   1230v : 1600 m3/hr @ 1800pa 100%

Filter Efficiency                         >99%

Motor Power                            1.1kw

Noise Level                               72 dB(A)

Weight                                       80 kg  (without arm)

Dimensions                               58cm x 58cm x 90cm

IP Rating / ISO Class                IP 54  /  F