ProtectoTwin is a twin high-pressure turbine with infinitely adjustable speed control specifically designed to extract and filter metal particulate fumes created in welding processes. The ProtectoTwin is supplied with a 2.5m hose and magnetic foot welding nozzle.

ProtectoTwin is fitted with a BIA M filter cartridge that filters hazardous substances to an extent of more than 99 per cent.  Dual Port facilitating local extraction via hood and torch extraction from a single unit. The filter can be cleaned manually or with compressed air, providing a long filter life. The particles are collected in a dust collection drawer and can be easily removed from the unit. The ProtectoTwin is highly portable weighing only 25kg and is supplied on swivel castors. Operates from a 230v mains input supply



Extraction Capacity           340 m3/h

Filter Efficiency                  > 99%

Motor Power                     1.6 kW

Noise Level                       70 dB(A)

(nozzle installed)

Weight                               250kg

Dimensions                       300mm x 300mm x 670mm