ProtectoCube 2N

The ProtectoCube 2N is suitable for various suction problems at several working places at the same time for work involving unalloyed metals and precious metals, galvanized material and aluminium. The unit is IFA certified for welding fume class W3.


The released fumes and dusts are extracted via appropriate suction elements and guided into the filter unit. A baffle plate with a large surface serves as pre-separator and distributes the particles on the whole filter surface. All filter units are fitted with hanging filter cartridges. There for, the admission of the cartridges is carried out on the side. Heavy particles fall down directly into the dust container.


The filter cartridges are precoated and work with a special filter medium. This considerably increases their lifetime compared to standard cartridges


Extraction Capacity         2500 - 5000 m³/h  @ 2800 - 3000pa

Filter Efficiency                415 v > 99.99%

Motor Power                    1.5 - 4kw

Noise Level                      72 dB(A)

(nozzle installed)

Weight                             280 - 350 kg

Dimensions                     665mm x 983mm x 2070 - 2670mm