ProtectoBench Basic/Ultra 415V

ProtectoBench is a downdraft and back wall extraction bench with a durable large surface area filter cartridge, complete with a filter monitor and hour meter, optional manual and available with manual or auto cleaning functions.

The Protectobench weighs 250kg and is supplied on swivel castors for manoeuvrability. The extraction bench removes hazardous smoke and dust at source and is an extraction and filter system in one. It is suitable for welding and grinding alloyed, unalloyed steels, precious metals and galvanised material. Not to be used on explosive dusts.

Depending on filter option selected, the filter cartridge will automatically be cleaned when required with compressed air and the filtered air can be re-directed back into the workplace, saving on heating costs.

Suitable Applications

► MIG-MAG/GMAW welding

► TIG welding

► FCAW welding

► Stick/MMAW welding

► Grinding

► Cutting (max. 50 A)

► Polishing

► Arc-air gouging

► Oil mist

► Heavy oil mist in welding fume

► Extraction of aggressive fumes and gases (e.g. from acids

      from alkaline, from soldering paste containing lithium)

► Extraction of hot gases (more than 45°C/113°F continuously)


► Maintenance performed from the front

► Three stage spark arresting

► Maximum filter surface area

► Simple controls on front panel

► CE approved

► Back and side panels fro grinding applications

► Plasma cutting work grid

Ordering Information

Basic 415v (Disposable Filters)         EXT42301211

Ultra 415v (Auto Cleaning Filters)      EXT42201211

Wheel Set                                           EXT42671011

Hinge Sides                                        EXT42551011

Backdraft Kit                                       EXT42501011