ProtectoAutoclenz Twin

ProtectoAutoclenz Twin is a self cleaning mobile fume filter type PF incorporating a separator, two durable large surface area filter cartridge, and complete with a filter monitor, post-cleaning function and hour meter. The unit is capable of handling up to 3500 m³/hr and is complete with a  2 x 2, 3 or 4m 150mm diameter hose type arm with internal support structure.

The unit has a 2.2 kW fan-set and is supplied with a 5m mains input cable. ProtectoAutoclenz Twin weighs 190kg and is supplied on swivel casters for manoeuvrability.



Extraction Capacity                 3500 m3/hr @ 2500pa

Filter Efficiency                        415 > 99.99%

Motor Power                            2.2 kW

Noise Level                              72 dB(A)

(nozzle installed)

Weight                                     190 kg

Dimensions                              665mm x 981mm x 1625mm