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Call us on 01472 353373 for more info or email


Original price £174.40 - Original price £216.00
Original price
£174.40 - £216.00
Current price £174.40

The appeal of liquid cooled MB EVO PRO torches is further enhanced due to the redesigned cooling concept and selected material combination. Improved front end cooling increases wear part service life and realises extra performance reserves, enabling welding at higher power outputs. The MB EVO PRO torch series represents a totally new concept in welding torch design, form and function. Unique ergonomics, following extensive research, provide a greater sense of control, enabling the welder to feel as „one“ with his torch. The trigger position, trigger design and ball joint construction guarantee optimum balance and comfort in all welding positions.

■ High performance hoses with a special protective fabric – enhancing flexibility and comfort

■ Highest quality “MB” wear parts combined with optimised torch cooling – for maximum service life

■ Genuine two-component handle – robust and ergonomic

■ Optimum trigger position and tapered handle design – for precise predictable handling

■ Simplified constructions easies repair through the provision of greater space for maintenance

■ Robust, optimised central connector with protected hose guide

Technical data (EN 60 974-7):

Rating: 550 A / 575 A CO2

500 A / 525 A mixed gas M21

(DIN EN ISO 14175)

Duty cycle: 100%

Wire size: 1.0–1.6 mm