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Call us on 01472 353373 for more info or email


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* The LifePad guides you through the resuscitation process and helps to perform the right steps safely, * Step-by-step resuscitation instructions: Easy to use for people aged 12 and over, no prior knowledge required* Visual and acoustic feedback system: For optimum compression depth and frequency* Compact design: 21 x 16 cm (approx. DIN A5 size) for easy storage in any bag* Flexible material: Adapts to the individual’s body shape* Easy positioning: Instructions and marking directly on the pad - can be used on people aged 12 and over* Practical application: Pad is splash-proof in accordance with IP 44 and can be used in combination with a defibrillator (acoustic signal can be switched off for this)* LifePad® as a single-use product incl. 1 x CR2032 battery (except for training purposes) * Medical device