Jasic MIG 250S Inverter Welder

by Jasic

The Jasic MIG 250 Separate is equipped with powerful IGBT components, a digital A/V display and multi process capabilities. 

The inverter offers excellent welding characteristics and consistently reliable performance for highly demanding and repetitive weld cycles.

Key Features

  • Single Phase IGBT Inverter

  • Digital amp and voltmeter

  • High duty cycle 

  • Spot welding feature

  • Suitable for 0.6 -1.0mm wires

  • Wire inching

  • 2T/4T trigger function

Package Includes

Inverter power source,  Wire feed unit,

Interconnecting cable, MIG welding torch,

Earth return lead, Gas hose & Regulator, Operating instructions.

*5 year warranty subject to product registration