Esab SENTINEL A50 For Air

by Esab

Years of welding have trained you to know exactly what you need in a hood: crucial comfort, large lens, and next generation technology. Every special operation needs special equipment that gets the job done, and when it comes to your helmet, SENTINEL is worn by the best.

  • Revolutionary Shell Design. High Impact Resistance Nylon
  • HaloTM Headgear. Ergonomic, infinitely-adjustable 5 point head gear provides extreme comfort and balance. Low-profile design, central pivot point allows for maximum head clearance while helmet is in the up position.

  • 100 x 60mm 1/1/1/2 – 5-13 ADF

  • Externally activated Grind Button. Shade 4 Grind


  • Colour touch screen control panel

Welding Process

  •  SMAW/MMA (Stick)
  •  GTAW (TIG)
  •  Oxy-Fuel Cutting
  •  Plasma Cutting
  •  Grinding
  •  PAW - Plasma Arc Welding