ESAB OK Flux 10.62 25kg Bag

by Esab

Agglomerated fluoride-basic flux for Submerged Arc Welding. Primarily for multi-run welding. For highest demands on impact properties, low temperature toughness, strength and CTOD-values. Especially suitable for narrow gap welding due to good slag detachability and smooth side-wall blending. For offshore constructions, pressure vessels, power generation, shipbuilding, pipe mills, civil constructions, transport industries, etc. Produces low-oxygen weld metal (approx. 300 ppm) with hydrogen contents maximum 5 ml/100 g, in BlockPac (moisture protection) maximum 4 ml/100g. Operates optimally at the lower end of the voltage range. Designed for single and multi wire procedures, for butt and fillet welds. Works equally well on DC and AC current. Single layer and multi layer welding of unlimited plate thickness.