The EcoVac's suction is provided by a suction unit of the side channel blower type (with power supply of either 110v or 230 v single phase), enclosed in a protective steel casing; it is completely maintenance free, fit for round-the-clock 24 hours duty, very silent; a safety switch cuts off the motor in case of overheating. ; a vacuum indicator enables constant checking of the suction performance, and detecting possible clogging of the filter.


The filter is placed and protected inside the steel filter chamber, and consists of a filter cartridge made of Teflon coated polyester, with extra large filter surface (30.000 cm2), and a high filtration efficiency (1 micron, filtration class M). A manual filter cleaning system enables the user to clean the filter efficiently, by means of internal flaps, so as to maintain the filter clean, increase its life and the suction performance of the unit . The vacuum is completely built in steel and epoxy painted, and mounted on a sturdy steel chassis with fixed wheels and castor's, , one of which with brakes.


Capacity            110v/230v - 1phase

Water Lift          2300mm H2O

Power               1.8kW

Air Flow             250 m3/h

Weight               30 kg

Dimensions       55cm x 48cm x 115cm

IP Rating           IP 55

Noise Level       72 dB(A)

Capacity            20 Lt.