The EcoCube product line is a filter unit equipped with filter cartridges applicable for nearly every task in the area of fume and dust filtration. The polluted air is extracted by means of the ventilator and guided towards the filtering section. The toxic particles are deposit on the surface of the filter cartridges.  The cartridges are cleaned automatically by compressed air. The particles deposited on the cartridge are detached by the compressed air blast and reach a dust collecting tank. The cleaned air is recycled to the working space without any heat loss.

The main parts of the EcoCube are the fan, pneumatic housing, filter section including cartridges, sparklatch and dust collecting section as well as the control unit for filter cleaning. The system will be delivered ready for connection. Only the system modules must be placed and connected.


Extraction Capacity          3500 / 4000 / 5000 m³/h

Filter Efficiency                 > 99%

Motor Power                     2.2kw- 3Kw- 4kw

Noise Level                      78 dB(A)

nozzle installed)

Weight                             130 kg

Filter Surface Area          40 - 80 m² (4 cartridges à 10 or 20 m²)