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Call us on 01472 353373 for more info or email


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Cuteeze Bleed Control Kits are designed to help control and stop severe bleeding quickly to increase the chances of saving a life, by decreasing response times and increasing the speed of treatment.With an increase in knife and other violent crimes, it is important to have publicly accessible bleed control packs available throughout cities in public venues. Our kits contain proven equipment that is essential for medical and trauma management – and provides the layperson, bystander or trained medic with the means to immediately control life-threatening external haemorrhaging. The pack is lightweight, allowing it to be attached to personnel, hung up, or kept within vehicles, with high visibility red colouring, allowing for rapid identification. It includes basic instructions for the layperson to have a straightforward understanding of the equipment included – and where and how to apply.Kit also complies with BS5099-1 : 2019 , but also includes additional items. Cuteeze Bleed Control Kit Contents: * 2 x large Trauma Dressing First aid dressing* Cuteeze 3.7m x 10cms haemostatic dressing for the external, temporary control of severely bleeding wounds.* Russell Chest Seal™ Designed for the immediate management of an open chest wound and to minimise the risk of developing tension pneumothorax.* SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide For control of severe bleeding.* Nitrile Gloves Personal protection * Tuffcut Scissors * Foil Blanket* Red, portable first aid bag