Bohler EAS 2 FD 308 Stainless Mig Wire - 15kg Reel

Rutile strip alloyed flux cored welding wire of type T 19 9 L R / E308LT0 for GMAW of stainless steels like 1.4306 / 304L. This product achieves high productivity and is easy to operate providing excellent operating characteristics, self-releasing slag, almost no spatter formation and temper discoloration, smooth weld finish and safe penetration. Increased travel speeds as well as little demand for cleaning and pickling provide considerable savings in time and money. Suitable for service temperatures from -196°C to +350°C. BÖHLER EAS 2-FD ø 0.9 mm is well suitable for welding of sheet metal from 1.5 mm and ø 1.2 mm can be used for wall thicknesses from 3 mm upwards. Wire ø 0.9 mm is designed for positional welding, wire ø 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm are recommended mainly for downhand and horizontal welding positions as well as in position PC/2G and slightly vertical down.