Articulated Suction Arms

The Extractability range of Wall mounting Vent to Atmosphere Fume Extraction packages feature a range of arm Lengths from 2 - 4m. Available in 230v (1ph) or 415v (3ph) 0.75kw fan producing air movement of 2000 m/hr. The arms can either be connected to individual fans or to central suction and filter systems.


Due to the spring-support, all arms are easily positioned and self-supporting in the adjusted position.

The volumetric flow can individually be regulated via the throttle valve integrated in the suction hood.


Standard Equipment

► Oval suction hood made of metal

     (315 mm) with throttle valve

► From a length of 2m on with an additional wall bracket

► Stable wall bracket made of powder-coated sheet steel

► Connection nozzle

► Wall bracket with counter nozzle for Extractability fans.

► 3 joints with spring support

► Flexible suction hose (PVC) with welded steel wire spiral

     (temperature-resistant up to +120°C)