Antox NP Neutraliser Paste - 2kg

Antox NP is used to neutralise pickling pastes that contain hydrofluoric and nitric acids. The neutralizing paste is applied directly on top of the pickling paste before it is washed off. It must be mixed well before use as it settles when stored. Application: 1. After the reaction between the pickling paste and the weld burn has occurred, apply the Antox NP with the same brush directly on top of the pickling paste. The pickling paste will start to bubble when in contact with the Antox NP. 2. To achieve complete neutralisation, the same quantity of Antox NP is required to that of the pickling paste. The reaction is finished when the bubbling can no longer be seen. 3. The surface should be washed thoroughly with cold water. Natural, synthetic or stainless steel brushes or high-pressure washers aid the cleaning process.