ProtectoVac MAX

The ProtectoVac MAX high quality, low-cost, highly portable extraction unit. It is an ideal modular unit that can be modified or purpose-built for specific applications to support the extraction of fumes and dust directly at the source.


Designed specifically to extract the filter metal particulate fumes created in the welding processes, the ProtectoVav MAX is suitable for use in the workshop, demonstration, training bay, garage and on-site.


The 'Dust Stop' semi-automatic cleaning system allows the operator to clean the filter with ease, by simply lifting the flap on the chamber. It operates from a 110v/230v mains input supply.


Main Features

• Single phase by-pass motor

• 18m3/h maximum airflow

• 5500mmH20 maximum depression

• Cartridge filter

• Metal pre-filter to stop sparks

• Automatic start/stop

• Dust stop filter cleaning system

  15 Ltr detachable dust collection chamber with handle

• Castor for easy manoeuvrability

• Optional vacuum brush kit